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National Caffeine Awareness Month

and we want to help you bring caffeine
education to life in your store!

Whether it's through interactive games or sharing tools and resources, educating your shoppers on caffeine consumption from all sources can help them make more informed decisions on caffeine intake.

Below are some fun thought starters and tools for bringing caffeine education to life in store or online!

  Idea 1

Create an interactive game where shoppers have to place caffeinated items in order from lowest total caffeine content to highest total caffeine content.

Idea 1
  Idea 2

Have shoppers answer true or false caffeine myth-busting questions for small prizes or for entry into a raffle!

Idea 2

Click the link below to download unbranded caffeine education materials that you can print and share in store or share digitally on social or in a newsletter!

Caffeine Education Materials

Always feel free to reach out to us here at Red Bull for
any more tools or information!

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